The Memphis Black Arts Alliance is dedicated to improving the quality of life and economic wellbeing of Greater Memphis through the preservation, celebration and advancement of African American arts, culture, and literature. We inspire, educate and engage artists and audiences towards the creation of just and equitable communities through forward-thinking experiences.


At Memphis Black Arts Alliance, we envision imaginations ignited through African American arts and culture radiating from Soulsville across Memphis and the Mid-South, inspiring justice, equity, and sustainable community development.


We acknowledge that African American art and culture are living, breathing, and ever-evolving, not only to be preserved and remembered but to be created every day. As such, by valuing the present lived experiences of African Americans, we value and vision forward.

  • African America Cultural Heritage and Afro-Futurism
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Economic and Cultural Sustainability
  • Intergenerational Exchanges
  • Justice and Equity
  • Youth Leadership and Voices
  • Inspiration, Dedication and Drive